Delay in appointing US-Dublin ambassador ‘unfortunate’


Julieta Valls Noyes has moved to rebut suggestions that Washington’s 16-month delay in appointing an ambassador to Dublin was evidence that the US-Republic of Ireland relationship was now less important.

The senior diplomat said that the relationship between the Republic and the US was “immensely important, as evidenced by the red carpet that’s laid out every March [at St Patrick’s Day]”.

Against a backdrop of Irish-American unease at the unprecedented delay in appointing an ambassador, she said that the importance of the post was the reason for the delay.

“Unfortunately, our process in the US requires a very extensive vetting process and financial disclosure forms and everything and it’s just a very lengthy process.

“It should in no way be interpreted as indicating any kind of diminution in the relationship; the absolute opposite is the case.

“If anything, we’re taking our time because of how important it is.”