DUP Councillor targeted in ‘sectarian attack’ for 40th time

Councillor Brush pictured last week with his car which had been damaged overnight
Councillor Brush pictured last week with his car which had been damaged overnight

A “40th sectarian attack” has been carried out on the property of DUP Councillor Sammy Brush at his Co Tyrone home.

Lord Morrow MLA slammed those responsible for the attack, which comes just one week from the previous incident.

“As if in some kind of sick-minded effort to reach round numbers, and exactly one week since the last attack, Councillor Brush has again been targeted in this on-going sectarian campaign,” he said.

Lord Morrow said during the attack the car belonging to Councillor Brush was “pushed down the street into another parked vehicle, thereby creating another innocent victim in these continued attacks”.

“From what can be established a buckrake-type of implement has been used as there is grass lying about and the car has sustained spear marks,” he added. “This took a degree of pre-planning and there is no way it was not witnessed.”

Police said they are investigating a report of criminal damage on the Main Street area of Ballygawley last night.

Superintendent Alywin Barton said: “A vehicle was physically moved a number of meters and subsequently collided with another parked vehicle.”

He appealed for anyone who witnessed the incident or with information about it to contact the PSNI on 101. Alternatively information can be provided anonymously through independent charity Crimestoppers by contacting 0800 555 111.

Lord Morrow added: “If those responsible are upping their campaign – which it clearly demonstrated – it’s time PSNI and public representatives do likewise.

“This was a clear indication of the efforts of thug-elements to forcefully drive Councillor Brush out of his community. It will not succeed.

“No doubt the law-abiding citizens of Ballygawley will be asking how this brutal campaign of blatant hatred can thrive in their area.”