Iceberg collision attraction would be distasteful – Rodgers

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A recreation of the Titanic disaster which is reportedly being planned in China has drawn a strong reaction from one Belfast councillor.

Worldwide news sources have said a replica of the Titanic is to be built and permanently stationed on a Chinese river as a theme park-style attraction for visitors.

It is said that the finished design will allow the ship to shudder, recreating the moment that its real-life counterpart struck the iceberg, with water then flooding in.

The project itself seemed an exciting one, said Belfast UUP councillor Jim Rodgers, but he added the attempt to evoke the precise moment when the tragedy struck is a step too far.

“I think anything to do with Titanic and the iceberg is over the top,” he said.

“It’s distasteful. After all, over 1,500 people lost their lives on the Titanic. Every year on the 15th of April, outside the City Hall at the Titanic memorial, we have a service with people from all walks of life, including many relatives of those who sadly died.”

He has written to those behind the planned attraction asking them to reconsider how it is presented. It is believed it will open in 2016.

However, it is not the first attempt to cash in on the nautical catastrophe.

A raft of questionable merchandise is available the world over, and an Australian named Clive Palmer last year revealed plans to construct Titanic II – a cruise ship modelled on the doomed liner.

Historian Paul Louden-Brown said Titanic is one of the most searched-for internet terms ever, and this latest development “proves to me that the story is forever green – there’s always going to be some new aspect to it”.

He added that such cashing in has been going on since 1912, adding: “Do I think it’s bad taste? I think people shouldn’t worry about it. There’s other things to be concerned about.”