VIDEO: A-level success celebrated at Ballyclare High School

Pupils at Ballyclare High School in Co Antrim have been celebrating a great year for A-level results.

Alexandra Graham said it was sad to be leaving Ballyclare but that she was looking forward to the university experience.

Ballyclare High School pupils celebrating a great set of A-level results

Ballyclare High School pupils celebrating a great set of A-level results

“I’m going to Cardiff to study optometry, I got three A grades in biology, chemistry and maths - I’m very happy with that.”

Top female performer at A-level Cathy McCalmont achieved one A* grade and three A grades in maths, physics, biology. French.

She said: “I’m really looking forward to going to St Andrew’s in Scotland to study maths and physics. It’s really exciting and been worth all the hard work.”

Irish schools’ 400m runner Stewart Gault will be studying at either Queen’s in Belfast or Trinity College Dublin. He hopes to find time for running as well as his academic work.

“I got three As and a B in biology, chemistry, history and politics. I’ve had a fantastic time at Ballyclare High but I’m looking forward to university. It won’t be easy but I don’t want to give up athletics,” he said.

Headmaster David Knox said it was another strong year in terms of A-level results.

“There are ten departments where 40 per cent or more of the pupils got A*-A grades. Overall one third of the students got A*-A grades, and there are three students who got four A*-A grades.”

“Overall I’m very pleased as it’s been a good solid performance for the year group and the school. I’m proud of those who have done well - who have done as well as they possibly could have done - and I hope that those who may not have done as well as they could have will have learned from the experience, and that when they get to university will put in their best effort,” Mr Knox said.