VIDEO: Girls’ Model a shining example of secondary school excellence

Staff and pupils at the Model School for Girls in north Belfast have been celebrating another great year for A-level results.

Joint acting principal Heather Mairs said: “The girls have achieved what they wanted to achieve to get into university or further education. There is plenty of advice and guidance available and that is why we are here today.

A-level results day at Belfast Model School for Girls (l-r) Megan Breheney, Kate Thornbury and Naomi Jameson

A-level results day at Belfast Model School for Girls (l-r) Megan Breheney, Kate Thornbury and Naomi Jameson

“This is always a very exciting day for the school. We have a good percentage of girls going to university.”

Assistant principal Paula Leitch said: “The school motto is ‘achievement for all’ and we are delighted today that the girls have realised this for themselves - that we lots of girls going to range of universities, both in Northern Ireland and across the water.

“This school is a beacon of achievement - not just in terms of academic achievement but in extra curricular activities as well.

“A good example is Danielle Hill who is only 14 but was part of the Commonwealth Games squad, but in terms of GCSE results we normally have more than 90 per cent of those girls return”.

Almost half of those taking three subjects (47%) achieved grades A* - C, which is a two per cent increase on last year’s figure.

A total of 93 per cent achieve grades A* - E in two subjects.

Deputy head girl Kate Thornbury took double award science - gaining one B and one C grade - and achieved a C in history.

“I’m going to Jordanstown to do radiography. I’ve really enjoyed my time at the school but I’m looking forward to going to university. So many of the girls have done really well and a lot are going on to university,” Kate said.

Kate’s mum Alison Thornbury is a past pupil who now sits on the school’s Board of Governors.

She said the Girls’ Model had progressed almost beyond recognition compared to her own experience.

“There is so much choice, opportunity and guidance now. The staff are amazing and extremely dedicated and dedicated. If a child shows any glimmer of creativity in any field then they are all over it. You couldn’t praise them enough,” she said.