Mallusk will no longer be Ulster’s dumping ground, say residents


Mallusk will no longer allow itself to be the dumping ground of Northern Ireland, a residents group opposed to a vast incinerator has said.

The village between Glengormley and Templepatrick has a vast landfill site which is less than 100 yards from the nearest house.

Local residents have long complained about the putrid stench and swarms of flies which it generates.

In recent months a plan has emerged for a second vast waste facility on the nearby Boghill Road.

The waste incinerator would take black bin refuse from large parts of Northern Ireland and incinerate it at the site of a former quarry.

But the No-ARC21 campaign group has been set up to oppose the development.

Almost 500 people have signed an online petition opposing the plant.

Local teacher Craig Goodall said there was an attempt “to try and steamroll this past the eyes of the public”.

And he said it was illogical to propose an incinerator in an area where thousands of new homes have been built over recent years and where large housing developments are still under construction.

He added: “Mallusk and the surrounding area will not stand being the dumping ground of Northern Ireland anymore.”