Euro candidates challenged to sign 10-point victims’ contract

Kenny Donaldson
Kenny Donaldson

Calls have been made for Ulster’s political parties to sign a contract for “the innocent victims/survivors of terrorism and other Troubles-related violence” before the deadline expires at 5pm today.

The 10-point contract drawn up by the Innocent Victims United group has been sent to the 10 MEP candidates in Northern Ireland and their party leaders, plus the PUP, to agree to and sign.

To date the contract has been completed by the TUV. UKIP’s David McNarry and the UUP’s Jim Nicholson have also signed the contract, but are awaiting their party leaders’ signatures.

IVU spokesman Kenny Donaldson said: “This contract is not a demand or blackmail – that’s what terrorists do and have done.

“Rather it is a test to society and political leaders to stand up and finally place a baseline that cannot and must not be lowered.”

The contract includes stipulations that the candidate for the European Parliament “acknowledge and respect that there are a number of narrative understandings of our ‘past’.

“I and my party will respect and ensure that those victims/survivors and others who understand the ‘past’ to have been a terrorist campaign motivated by sectarian and ethnic hatreds will have this ‘narrative’ represented by Government bodies and others.”

Political parties are asked “to give an undertaking that we will not support the development of any ‘conflict transformation/peace building centre’ or any other project associated with the Troubles at the former Maze Prison site whilst the listed buildings connected to the former prison and hospital wing remain”.

A further hard-hitting point asks for political parties to “actively fight for specific legislation” which will “outlaw the glorification and promotion of terrorism in any form”.

The MEP candidate and their party is also asked to “oppose any process that includes an amnesty being granted to those who are suspected of Troubles-related crimes”.