Family friendly church with Christ at centre

Stormont Presbyterian members enjoying the Giro D'Italia  earlier this year
Stormont Presbyterian members enjoying the Giro D'Italia earlier this year

Working together and building community is integral to our life and work as a church family.

From First Friends, a parent / carer and babies / toddlers group, through JAM (our children’s ministry on Sundays),Youth events, PW (our women’s ministry) and one off special events like the Giro Community Day, it is all about teamwork. The commitment, energy and generosity of our church family, is inspiring. We work hard to be a welcoming body of people because we know relationships matter. Like any family things do not always run smoothly and relationships are not always harmonious. We have to learn to practise what we preach: to forgive, to love and to be gracious. We are not perfect (nor do we claim to be!) but with heart, soul and mind we seek, with God’s help, to love one another, and the stranger, as God loves us.

As a church family Stormont is made up of the very young and the very old. Currently we have members approaching and in advance of 100 years old and young babies not yet 10 months old. As a faith community we look to celebrate and value each and every person irrespective of age or background. Our weekly timetable reflects the diversity in age with Scouting, Guiding and youth based activities sitting side by side with indoor bowls, badminton and our enthusiastic Evergreens.

A small group programme, Lifegroups, provides an opportunity for members to explore faith and how we live this out day by day, in the relaxed and informal setting of church members’ homes. Prayer ministry, an opportunity to have someone pray with you, is offered regularly on Sundays and regular Prayer Breakfasts enable church members to mutually support one another and deepen relationships.

During the summer our focus is very much on our community. A community summer scheme has been running during July and in August (11-15) our regular Holiday Bible Club will take place. This is designed for four-11 year olds and is an action-packed, Bible based week of fun, friendship and sharing God’s love with our children and young people. On Saturday August 16 our Holiday Bible Week concludes with a Family Fun Day from noon to 3pm including barbeque, funfair stalls, assault course and even a Disco Dome. For more information see