‘Human agency is our source of real faith and optimism’

Humanist Brian McClinton at his  Lisburn home

Humanist Brian McClinton at his Lisburn home

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Humanism is a philosophical and ethical position that concentrates on the value and power of human beings. Humanists do not believe in God but rather in the glory of human nature.

They prefer to concentrate on critical thinking and evidence over any established faith doctrine or belief in the supernatural, but still believe in abiding by good moral behaviour, and striving to make the world a better place for all, protecting human rights and believing in the human capacity to thrive and rectify wrongs.

Broadly speaking, humanists want to build a better society through the application of reason, justice and ethical living; but whereas Christians place God at the centre of this struggle, humanists see no evidence for the existence of God and therefore fall back on the primacy of human nature and human will power as their source of faith and optimism.


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