Video: Protestors condemn NATO meeting

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Hundreds of protesters have joined a march in Newport against the Nato summit in Wales.

Around 500 people marched from the Cenotaph in the city centre towards the Celtic Manor venue, where the world leaders are meeting.

Along the three mile route many members of the public watched and took pictures and videos on their mobile phones as the protesters walked past.

Among the anti-Nato campaigners were members of the Socialist Party, Socialist Worker Party, Stop the War Coalition and the Red Block, a communist group, who were dressed in black wearing masks.

During the march, which was escorted by the police, many carried banners and signs objecting to the summit.

They shouted “No to Nato, no new wars” and “They say warfare, we say welfare”.

One elderly bystander was restrained by two police officers as he shouted at the marchers: “I fought for this country, go home.”


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