Why Ciara is still made up about her career

Ciara Daly

Ciara Daly

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She is one of the Province’s most successful make-up artists, having ran her own academy in Belfast for five years, but by her own admission there is much more to it than being able to nail the perfect kohled eye.

“You have to be determined, you have to be switched on, you have to be hard working, you have to have good communications skills, you have to be a good sales person and marketing person - all these different things,” says 35-year-old Ciara Daly, raising her voice ever so slightly to be heard above the hubbub of a photo shoot going on at her Lisburn Road based training facilities, where she has been responsible for nurturing some of Ireland’s freshest creative talent in the make-up world.

The mum-of-two has an easy manner and her voice is injected with fun as well as enthusiasm and passion for what she does, but Ms Daly is something of a tough cookie as well.


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