Flag protestors adopt ‘white line’ strategy

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UNION flag protestors are to adopt a new strategy by holding ‘white-line’ demonstrations, allowing traffic to flow in both lanes, it has emerged.

In a statement posted on his Facebook page, Chairman of the Ulster People’s Forum Jamie Bryson said the group were also calling for protests outside monthly council meetings across the province.

“The Ulster People’s Forum have a consensus that those who took part as representatives of their various areas on Saturday feel that the peaceful protests should move to a new phase of white line protests and also localised protests outside Council offices to coincide with monthly meetings in each respective area.

“The UPF are keen to emphasise that they do not claim to speak for all the protestors and whilst we as a group will move forward encouraging white line protests we will remain supportive of anyone who wishes to exercise their democratic right to peaceful protest in a non violent manner.”

The statement added: “The protests belong to the people and the UPF will attempt to show leadership in moving forward in a coherent and constructive way which will benefit the entire PUL community and we as a group will continue to seek to engage with all protestors and listen to the views of those who matter; the ordinary people.

“The UPF feel this move to white line protests is a positive step which has been born out of calls for leadership from the grassroots protestors and we feel that we have the beginning of a process that will provide a strategy for moving forward.”