Fr Troy withdraws Ardoyne parade compromise proposal

Fr Aidan Troy
Fr Aidan Troy

A well-known Roman Catholic priest who last week suggested that Ardoyne residents should withdraw their opposition to an Orange Order parade has appeared to withdraw the proposition following a backlash.

Fr Aidan Troy, who was the local priest in Ardoyne before moving to Paris in 2008, had raised the suggestion in a post on his blog.

Writing about both the crisis in Gaza and the Ardoyne parade impasse, he had said: “Supposing an agreement could reached to withdraw the objections to the return parade of July 2013 and intensify efforts being made for parading in 2015?”

However, Fr Troy has now said he was “freely editing” the post to remove the section about Belfast in light of the response to it.

He said: “I appreciate the many positive and supportive reactions. Others were upset by the question I raised about a possible response in north Belfast. Remarks directed at me personally could make the messenger rather than the children of Gaza the central point. I am freely editing out the question on a possible response in north Belfast lest what I raised could distract from sincere efforts being made by people in the area.”