Fracking can free us from the mad mullahs

Sammy Wilson

Sammy Wilson

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It was only a matter of time before any protest movement which had a Sinn Fein presence turned to violence and sectarianism.

That is what has happened with the anti-fracking 21st century Luddite movement in Fermanagh this week. The petrol bombs thrown at Tamboran workers and sectarian abuse directed at them is just typical of what we have grown to expect from Sinn Fein, who seem to be at the centre of the opposition to a development which could bring an economic bonanza to Fermanagh and the Northern Ireland economy as a whole.

It is typical of the contrariness of some people in Northern Ireland and the economic destructiveness of our green zealots that at a time when we are facing energy insecurity, record levels of fuel poverty, loss of competitiveness because of energy costs and a shortage of manufacturing jobs, that protests are mounted against exploiting a local energy source which could help deal with all these issues.


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