Funding to mark role of Part-Time Reserves at Police Museum

The current Police Museum at Knock Headquarters.
The current Police Museum at Knock Headquarters.

A museum charting the history of policing service in Northern Ireland has been given additional funding to mark the role of RUC Part-Time Reserve.

The police museum had already been allocated £5.59 million from the Treasury, for its new site close to the Police Memorial Garden in Belfast as a replacement of the current one-room museum at Knock police station.

It will tell the story of policing across the island of Ireland, from the foundation of formal uniformed policing in 1814 to the present day. Hundreds of artefacts are currently kept in storage.

Yesterday Justice Minister David Ford announced a contribution of £383,000 to mark the service and dedication of the Part-Time Reserve.

The additional money is the remaining balance of the £20m sum provided by the Treasury to benefit the Part-Time Reserve after the devolution of policing and justice.

The RUC George Cross Foundation is responsible for the development of the new Police Museum. When initial funding was announced two years ago chairman of the RUC George Cross Foundation Jim McDonald said they were delighted with the news.

Mr Ford said: “This allocation of funding to the new Police Museum will publicly mark the service and dedication of the Part-Time Reserve during some of the most difficult days of the Troubles, in a lasting and enduring tribute to their role in policing in Northern Ireland.

“The RUC GC Foundation will retain an important role in the ongoing work on the new Police Museum.”

After a consultation with policing charities the choice was made to put the funds towards the new museum, rather than an initial plan to give money directly to former officers through grants.