Garth Brooks: details on how to claim refunds

Ticketmaster yesterday released details of how to claim money back for ticket, and Translink said that it is gearing up to offer mass refunds to travellers as well.

Those processes are outlined below.

But one top trading standards officer warned that some people will almost inevitably be left out of pocket if they bought tickets outside the normal channels.

Asked what would happen if someone bought their ticket via Gumtree or eBay for example, deputy chief inspector Jimmy Hughes said their right to a refund is “exceptionally limited”.

“The bottom line is the further you move from the proper retail outlet, the less likely you are to be able to get your money back,” he said.

When it comes to hotel and travel bookings, a guaranteed refund only exists if these were bought as part of a Garth Brooks special deal.

No action is needed for gig tickets bought from Ticketmaster by phone or online.

On Tuesday, July 15, a full refund – including service charges – will automatically be returned to the card used to make the purchase.

This could end up taking up to 10 working days.

For tickets purchased in person through Ticketmaster ticket centres, from July 15 holders may return tickets to the purchase point.

A return form must also be completed. These will be available from the centres from this date.

A refund will be made by bank transfer within 21 days.

For those obtained by post, ticketholders should download a refund form via the Garth Brooks FAQ page at, then complete it and return it along with the tickets themselves to PO Box 4695, Dublin 2.

A refund will be made in 21 days by bank transfer.

Translink said it had notified those customers who booked onto specially laid-on buses and trains that they can obtain refunds.

This applies to around 750 bookings, many of which will cover multiple passengers.

It said those who booked to travel on ordinary scheduled services can still claim refunds, but customers will have to ring 02890 899411.