Gay storm doctor cleared of charges


A professional misconduct hearing regarding a psychiatrist linked to former DUP MP Iris Robinson has collapsed after the prosecution offered no evidence against him.

The Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) was to hear a number of charges against Dr Paul Miller this week in Manchester.

The General Medical Council (GMC), prosecuting, claimed that from 2004 to 2010 he had “improper financial dealings with a patient” and had “attempted to take financial advantage”.

It also claimed that on a number of occasions he “failed to maintain professional boundaries with the patient” and provided “substandard care”.

However the GMC offered no evidence at the hearing this week. It previously tried to hold the hearing in private, saying the complainant would not testify in public. However Dr Miller’s legal team overturned this in the High Court last July.

Dr Neil Sykes of the MPTS concluded this week that in the absence of any evidence to support the allegations, the panel found that “all of the facts are found not proved”.

“Given the panel’s finding that none of the facts alleged have been found proved it follows necessarily that the panel considers there is no evidence to support a finding of impairment of your fitness to practise,” he said.

It therefore revoked conditions imposed on Dr Miller and concluded the case.

In 2008 Mrs Robinson said Dr Miller, at that time an advisor, could help gay people become heterosexual. Londoner James Parker later said that Dr Miller had helped him change his sexual orientation.