Has Alliance breached social contract?

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IN response to the question posed by Neil C Oliver (Letters, January 15 - “Who pays the bill for lost business?” - there would appear to be a prima facie case that Belfast City Hall Alliance councillors should be held accountable for a breach of contract with the Belfast City ratepayers.

John Locke, widely known as the father of Classical Liberalism, enunicated a social contract between the electorate and the elected - legitimate government is instituted by the explicit consent of those governed.

As no consent was given for a change to the flying of the flag on designated days - only 10 out of 15,600 responses supported designated days in the quality impact assessment - there would appear to be a prima facie case of a breach of contract by the Alliance councillors’ with the Belfast ratepayers in making an amendment without a mandate, and therefore they are liable for damages incurred by the ratepayers.

John Saxton

(UKIP member)




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