NI man begins 300-mile run to keep his little brother alive

A Northern Ireland man began a 300-mile run today to keep his 11-year-old brother alive.

Workers are less likely to call in sick if their absence impacts upon their colleagues.

Workers less likely to take sick days if colleagues have to help out

Workers are less likely to call in sick if they think their absence will make life tough for their colleagues, a study revealed yesterday (Thu).

Joggin in cities with high levels of pollution can damage your health.

Exercising in pollution bad for the heart

Jogging or cycling in cities like London increases the chances of heart failure because of the amount of polluted air breathed in, it was revealed today.

Julie Steveson with her fiance, Timothy Bamber

My Health: Living with a stoma

I have had a stoma for 12 years.

Health 1
Health Minister Michelle O'Neill. (Photo by Kelvin Boyes / Press Eye.)

New online service for repeat prescriptions and appointments

Health Minister Michelle O’Neill has officially launched online services for booking GP appointments and ordering repeat prescriptions from practices.


Dope smoking on the rise among the over-50s

The number of Baby Boomers - who grew up in the Sixties - getting spaced out on cannabis has almost doubled in the last eight years.

The car seat being recalled

Child car seats recalled

Mamas & Papas is recalling a number of child car seats following safety concerns.
Boy eating a burger

Ban on junk food ads targeted at children

Ads for junk food and drink targeted at children are to be banned from the internet in a bid to combat the obesity epidemic.

A robin

Feeders and crows bad news for robins

Bird feeders that attract crows could spell bad news for the red breasted robin, a new study found.


Man attacked health centre after not getting medicine

A man smashed a health centre reception window after being refused prescription drugs, a court heard today.


Scientists say nuts to heart disease

A daily handful of any type of nuts slashes the risk of heart disease and cancer, Britain's biggest killers.

Exercising is good for young minds

Lack of exercise slows up learning

Boys are failing at school because they don't get enough exercise which boosts oxygen flow to the brain, according to new research.

Sir Elton John, pictured earlier this year, has criticsed Trevor Clarke

DUP man: I revealed my HIV ignorance to combat stigma

The DUP MLA who has come under fire from Elton John for his past ignorance of HIV has said he is being attacked for his honesty.

Jade Smith whose funeral took place today

Jade made the most of short life, funeral told

Jade Smith, who died on Tuesday of suspected meningitis, did more in her short life than many achieve in a lifetime, mourners were told today.

The South Eastern Trust has launched an investigation into the standard of care at Dunmurry Manor on the outskirts of Belfast.

Probe into care standards at Co Antrim nursing home

An investigation has been launched after concerns were raised about the standard of care at a Co Antrim nursing home.


Hole in the Wall Gang in hospital message

The cast of Give My Head Peace have been driving home a serious message in a humourous way for Craigavon Area Hospital.

James McMaster died on May 16, 2012, just three days after his 19th birthday

Teen-death coroner to write to health minister on antibiotics

A coroner investigating the death of a Portadown teenager in Craigavon Hospital four years ago is set to deliver his findings today.

Drinking too much water can lead to potentially fatal hyponatraemia

Advice to ‘drink plenty of fluids’ could kill you

The advice to “drink plenty of fluids” when unwell lacks evidence, experts say.

Almost half of those surveyed said they missed having a hug

Lonely elderly people ‘miss someone to sit with’

Lonely older people most miss having somebody to sit with, while almost half miss enjoying a hug, research shows.

Claire Sugden

Executive ‘may not release’ panel’s abortion report

A much anticipated report examining Northern Ireland’s ban on abortion in cases of fatal foetal abnormality (FFA) may not be made public.

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