Basking in the bathroom

Mandara Spa Island Paradise range, from �4 (Sainsbury's)
Mandara Spa Island Paradise range, from �4 (Sainsbury's)

You can escape to your dream destination using your bathroom cabinet as a passport to travel.

The beauty shelves are packed with exotic products that draw on local ingredients and fragrances that immediately evoke the essence of the destination, whether that’s Argan oil from Morocco or green tea extract from the Far East.

“Exotic products are often rich in essential oils and natural ingredients, which each have a unique aroma that can affect your mood and emotions,” explains Pattree Bhakdibutr, founder of Thai beauty brand Erb. “As with perfume, fragranced products can transport you back to a certain time in history, to where you first smelt that specific scent, whether that be a holiday or childhood memory.

“For me, the jasmine used in our Eastern Treat range reminds me of the Thai temples where flowers are used to make garlands as an offering to Buddha.”

Time to book in for some global escapism? Lock the bathroom door and take your senses on a long-haul journey.


Drift off to the Eden that is Martinique - the Caribbean Island of Flowers. With extract of lime, mango and cocoa butters, Aveda’s Caribbean Therapy range is an instant catalyst for transportation to the tropics, from £14 (0870 034 2380/


Say ‘Aloha’ to the exotic Soleil des Iles range - and to Tahitian beauties’ velvety skin and shiny hair with the star ingredient, monoi oil, made from soaking fresh Tiare flowers in coconut oil, products £10 each (


SteamCream fragrances may not be evocative of Marrakech but one look at the rich moisturiser’s brightly printed Babou and Marrakech tins and you’ll instantly feel like you’re exploring sun-soaked riads, souks and narrow bustling pathways, £12.95 each (


Immerse yourself in a warm bath and pretend you’re wallowing in the azure blue Indian Ocean with Mandara Spa’s Island Paradise range, with uplifting grapefruit and lemon ingredients, currently from £2.50 (Sainsbury’s).


Embrace the heritage of Morocco (think bitter orange) and elegance of the East (delicate, oriental cherry blossom) with Marks & Spencer’s Global Escape range including everything from bath foam to candles and diffusers, from £3 (


Les Senteurs Gourmandes has the monopoly on evocative fragrances. Spritz the Vanille Violette Eau de Parfum, which uses the emblematic flower of Toulouse crystallised in sugar for a sweet but fresh scent, £22.50 (


Luxury Thai beauty brand Erb takes its name from the old Thai expression ‘erb-im’, which refers to the radiant glow of Thai women. Engage in your own Thai beauty rituals with the aromatic Eastern Treat products, from £19 (


Picture yourself in an outdoor shower surrounded by rolling Italian hills as you lather up with Palmolive’s Mediterranean Moments Shower Gels with extracts of apricot from Italy, £2.19 (supermarkets nationwide).