Hitting SF where it hurts - in the ballot box

Sammy Wilson

Sammy Wilson

Sinn Fein leaders either believe that their voters have an IQ of about two or else they are so convinced of their support that they believe they can treat them with utter contempt without any consequences.

There can be no other explanation for the tripe they have trotted out over the arrest of Gerry Adams in a serious investigation into one of the most notorious murders of the Troubles.

The arrest was the work of the “dark side” of the PSNI. It was an example of political policing though who gave the political direction was never revealed.

Certainly not the Justice Minister after all his party are political soul mates with Sinn Fein these days.

It was a malicious attack on Gerry Adams a man of peace integrity and vision! It was an attempt by persons unknown to undermine the Sinn Fein election campaign. It is an attack on the peace process and so it went on day after day while poor Gerry Adams had to bear the indignity of sitting in a police cell.

Only in the Alice in Wonderland world of Sinn Fein where everything is viewed through the medium of the security services spooking glass would such fanciful explanations be thought let alone uttered without shame-faced embarrassment or raucous laughter.

Yet spokesman after spokesman without any hint of reticence spewed out this rubbish on a daily basis to the world’s press.

The facts destroy the Sinn Fein propaganda.

First of all serious allegations about involvement in abduction and murder were made against Sinn Fein’s most senior politician by people who had admitted their involvement in the murder.

Secondly unlike the case of many suspects in other crimes within the loyalist community or even the security forces, the police did not arrive in huge numbers at Adams’ door to feel his collar, they let him make an appointment to present himself at the police station at a time of his choosing.

Hardly the work of a police force acting maliciously or attempting to undermine an election campaign.

Thirdly since there were allegations made the police were bound to question him about those allegations. What did he expect they wanted him to come in for, a handshake, a hug, a cup of tea and a wee chat?

Despite all this Sinn Fein portray themselves as victims. I know no other group of people who are so self-centred and paranoid that they can invoke victimhood with such ease and even more worryingly, conviction.

What is even worse is the blatant way in which they publicly attempted to blackmail the police into stopping this investigation.

Again they raised the threat of withdrawing support from the police, anger spilling out onto the streets and the peace process being in jeopardy.

Sinn Fein may have exchanged their balaclavas for brief cases but quickly revert to type when their backs are against the wall.

In the last week they have shown why they are not fit to be in government and there are many other reasons. Their incompetence. Their economic illiteracy. Their record of blatant discrimination in government. Their intransigence which is costing the Executive and the public purse millions of pounds per month in fines by Westminster and I could go on.

Unfortunately we have inherited a system endorsed by the electorate which puts them there as long as they get votes. I and my party didn’t vote for it indeed we warned of the consequences which we now have to live with.

What we are not prepared to do as Peter Robinson made clear this week, is to let Sinn Fein have the best of both worlds.

If the constitutional rules say they have to be in government then we will ensure that they also have to support the rule of law and the police.

If they seek to impose mad or bad policies on the people of Northern Ireland we will use our numbers to block them and if there is evidence that they are guilty of breaking the law then we will insist that they feel the full weight of the law.

We are not, as some would allege, in any cosy relationship with Sinn Fein, we are unionists best safeguard in a flawed and difficult system of government.

Whether at local council, assembly, Westminster or Europe it is important that there be a strong counter to Sinn Fein.

One of the things which makes me mad are unionists who complain about the influence of Adams and co and then don’t bother voting.

The one way to diminish their impact is to turn out and vote for unionists who can actually have an impact, this will increase the number of unionists elected and by increasing quotas especially in those areas where Sinn Fein often sneak in on the last count, squeeze out Sinn Fein candidates.

Instead of fuming at the outrageous statements of Sinn Fein or shouting at the TV when their spokesmen come out with their outlandish claims, let’s hit them where it hurts in the ballot box.




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