In pictures: Tiny new arrivals at Belfast Zoo

Two sets of tiny twins were welcomed to Belfast Zoo just in time for Easter.

Little trotters appeared in the form of twin Visayan warty piglets and there were also new additions in the farmyard with the arrival of two little African pygmy goats.

A Visayan warty piglet

A Visayan warty piglet

The pigs were born earlier this month to mother Mabel, and father Malcolm.

Visayan warty pigs are the most critically endangered of all wild pigs and while they were once native to six islands within the Philippines they have already become extinct on four of them, due to deforestation and hunting.

Mother, Pixie, and father, Bandit, welcomed twin girls in April 2014. African pygmy goats originate from West Africa and when fully grown they only measure between 50 to 63 centimetres in length.

Zoo manager, Mark Challis, said: “Easter is always an exciting time at Belfast Zoo, whether you’re shaking hands with an animal character, watching the penguins at feeding time or visiting the new arrivals, it is sure to be a super day out.

“It’s been an exciting few weeks at the zoo with all of our new arrivals, including the twin African pygmy goats, Visayan warty pigs and our newest Western lowland gorilla. Come along, join in the fun and meet all of the spring babies!”

For more information about Easter at the zoo visit, call 028 9077 6277 or email