Iris Robinson probe challenge withdrawn

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The Alliance Party has called for the urgent publication of an investigation into Iris Robinson after a legal challenge by the former DUP politician’s solicitor was withdrawn.

The withdrawal of the legal threat emerged yesterday as Stormont’s commissioner for standards has said that he “may share” the view that it is embarrassing that his investigation has yet to be published five years after it was started.

Douglas Bain said that the probe – which began under his predecessor – was complete but had been delayed because of a legal threat from Mrs Robinson’s solicitor who claimed that aspects of what was proposed to be published “would have a detrimental impact on Iris”.

The investigation looked into the former politician’s failure to register with Stormont the fact that she had obtained £50,000 from two property developers.

When asked by the Irish News if he found the situation embarrassing, Mr Bain said: “I can well understand that that’s what people in the street might think and I may share that view but, as I say, the reason for the delay will become apparent when the report is published.”