Jamie Bryson considering asking to be returned to prison

Jamie Bryson was arrested earlier this year
Jamie Bryson was arrested earlier this year

The Ulster People’s Forum has said it is outraged that flag protester Jamie Bryson has been denied permission to lay a wreath on behalf of his band at the North Down Remembrance service on July 1.

John Wilson said: “I lay the blame firmly at the door of the PSNI for the ramifications, in terms of community relations of this.

“I find it utterly scandalous that Jamie Bryson should be banned from any religious service or parade and to compound this clear breach of his human rights the PSNI now oppose him laying a wreath at a non contentious remembrance service in his own local community.

“The PSNI call for calm and the easing of tensions in the lead up to the marching season yet it is they who have ratcheted up the tension in the loyalist community by this attempt to stop a man laying a wreath to pay respects to those who give their lives in defence of our freedom and democracy, a democracy that the PSNI have made a mockery of by their treatment of Jamie Bryson.”

Mr Bryson is expected to appeal the decision at the High Court next week.

He is also understood to be considering asking to be returned to prison if this bid fails.

Pastor Mark Gordon explained: “As far as I am aware Jamie is considering presenting himself to the court and asking for a return to prison as he feels he would rather be a free man in Jail than give legitimacy to what he feels, and I and most of the Loyalist community agree, is a campaign of oppression against him.

“Jamie is a passionate and single minded man who will not give up, no matter what the personal cost, when he believes his cause is just.”

A spokesman for the PSNI commented: “Bail restrictions imposed by the courts, as in this case, are a matter for the respective court therefore it would not be appropriate to comment further”.