Larne mayor’s delight at expansion of factory

Mayor of Larne Councillor Maureen Morrow
Mayor of Larne Councillor Maureen Morrow

Larne’s mayor has welcomed the Terumo company’s expansion as bringing hundreds of “high quality and stable jobs” to the town.

Councillor Maureen Morrow said yesterday’s announcement – reputed to be worth around £6 million to the local economy – would lead to a gradual increase in employment rather than an overnight jobs bonanza.

“To get a similar number of jobs back into the borough after the loss of FG Wilson – if it is delivered in its entirety – then that’s brilliant,” she said.

“We now have that promise of jobs, and we went around with them [company management] today when they showed us into one room and said ‘we have 50 people working in there today but we hope that this time next year there will be 100 people working in there’. They have already started a two-shift system so it is happening at the moment.

“There are people being employed and this business is moving forward.”

Commenting on the effects of last year’s FG Wilson factory closure on the town – when 760 workers at the Caterpillar corporation site were laid off – Cllr Morrow said: “The effects are still being felt. There are a lot of businesses that are suffering and we have lost some other businesses within the town as a result of it.

“This announcement will lift the morale of the town. Knowing that there are jobs out there and it’s local people that have the option of getting those jobs.”

The Ulster Unionist representative added: “They seem to have a very happy workforce and their staff turnover is very low.

“They are a good company and a good stable company.

“I think the people who are working for them are happy. They are high quality jobs and there is a good variety of jobs right through to research and development.

“They are not low-paid jobs either. It’s absolutely brilliant news for Larne.

“I’ve been mayor for just over a week so to have this landing at your feet so soon is just marvellous.”