Lisburn council to review flag policy

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COUNCILLORS in Lisburn have voted to review their policy over the flying of the Union flag.

Currently the Union flag is only flown on designated days at the Island Civic Centre in Lisburn - the same policy adopted by Belfast City Council two weeks ago.

On Tuesday night, both UUP and DUP councillors voted to have the policy reviewed.

The Alliance Party voted against the review.

Cllr Brian Dornan - who is leader of the Alliance council group - has said now is not the right time to be discussing the Council’s flag policy in light of the current context of illegal protests, intimidation and violence”.

He said: “At a time in which we still have illegal protests, intimidation and violence happening on our streets, it is inappropriate for Lisburn Council to be discussing its flag policy.

“We have had a very difficult period over the past two weeks with numerous police officers injured. While any democratic body is entitled to review its policy, this is not the right time to do so.

“This issue was agreed six years ago and was not proving controversial, in fact it was actually helping community relations.”

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