List of council candidates is unveiled

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Ballot Box

As of today, all councils across the Province should have published full lists of every candidate standing for election.

The Electoral Commission in Northern Ireland said that many should have put the names and details of those who are standing for local authorities on the internet by Tuesday evening, and that all councils should have them up by Wednesday morning.

But as the lists were being revealed of all the candidates jostling to secure a seat, many for the first time, some veteran councillors used yesterday to announce that they are bowing out of the political arena.

Independent Bangor West councillor Brian Wilson, who was first elected in 1981, said that he was declining to stand in the upcoming election.

Also standing down is his wife, Bangor West Alliance councillor Anne Wilson, who had won her seat for the first time in 1995.

Mr Wilson, a former MLA who has been a Green Party and Alliance candidate down the years, said: “After long consideration I have decided not to stand for the new council.

“As I have served as a councillor for more than thirty years and am still actively involved in many aspects of the community I found this a most difficult decision.”

One of the reasons he gave was that he did not support the upcoming council reforms, which will see the present raft of 26 cut down to just 11 by April 1, 2015, adding that the move “will lead to a loss of local democracy and local accountability”.

However, although he is now leaving the scene, the Wilson dynasty looks set to continue for another generation – his son Scott will be standing in Bangor West.

For details of your council candidates, visit the website of the authority in question.

The lists of candidates for the European elections was published last Thursday, and are available on the website:

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