Lord Mayor marks anniversary of Blitz

A wreath of spring flowers was last night left on the Belfast Blitz memorial in memory of the 1,000 city dwellers who died on April 15, 1941.

Lord Mayor, Councillor Naomi Long, laid the flowers on the Northern Ireland War Memorial to mark the fateful events of Easter Tuesday 69 years ago.

As a result of the Luftwaffe bombing, half of the houses in Belfast were damaged and 100,000 were left homeless.

Chairman of the War Memorial, Lieutenant Colonel C T Hogg, said: “The Blitz was the single greatest disaster in the history of the city of Belfast.”

Historian Jonathan Bardon last night marked the anniversary with a lecture at the War Memorial where he told of the impact of the Belfast Blitz on the city.

Mr Bardon is best known for his critically acclaimed text A History of Ulster.

During the bombing around 1,500 people were also injured, 400 of them seriously.

Eleven churches, two hospitals and two schools were also destroyed.

In 2008 a bronze memorial designed by Carolyn Mulholland was unveiled to commemorate the devastation of the Belfast Blitz.

The cut-out positive and negative shapes represent the space left by the death of a person.

An orphan and a woman who has lost her baby are portrayed.

The figures stand in a mass of fallen planks, the sharp angular shapes of which represent the shock of destruction.