'Loyalists behind' pipe bomb attack

A "VIABLE" pipe bomb has been discovered in a residential area in Antrim sparking a security alert.

A number of homes were evacuated in the Fir Grove Lane area of the town after a device was located on the windowsill of a house.

Army technical officers were called to the scene on Wednesday morning and the object was removed.

The property at the centre of the alert is believed to be occupied by a young family with children.

It is reported a group calling itself the Real UFF have claimed responsibility fot the incident.

The alert comes after a booby-trap bomb partially exploded under the car of a former RUC officer outside Cookstown on Tuesday.

Dissident republicans have also been blamed for other security alerts in Kilkeel and Bangor over the course of the past week.

Antrim councillor Neil Kelly condemned the perpetrators behind the pipe bomb attack.

The Alliance representative said: "I am sickened and disgusted by these people who are intent on causing death, injury and disruption. This device was an attack on the whole community. There can never be any justification for an attack like this, no matter what those responsible may claim."

"I am very concerned that these incidents appear to be happening on a daily basis. I am only glad that no one was killed or injured in this latest attack."