More holes found beneath road surface along main city route

Ravenhill Road closed after large hidden hole found
Ravenhill Road closed after large hidden hole found

Yet more holes have been discovered underneath a main road in Belfast.

The Ravenhill Road in the east of the city was closed off on Monday after contractors working for NI Water uncovered a hidden void beneath the surface.

Emergency work is underway on the hole, which a spokesman for the public firm said had been caused by the collapse of a Victorian-era sewer.

The problem was uncovered by workmen carrying out the installation of a new sewer line.

The spokesman could not estimate the depth of the hole.

NI Water said that although efforts to fill it in were nearing completion, more of these underground gaps had been discovered in the area yesterday, requiring extra work in the days ahead.

It said: “Following consultation with Transport NI (DRD), it was agreed for safety reasons that a section of the Ravenhill Road will be closed until this essential work is completed.

“The length of the affected road is approximately 65 metres (213ft) and this will be reduced on an ongoing basis as the work progresses.”

It acknowledged that the work was going to inconvenience motorists, and asked for patience while they try to remedy the problem.

Asked about traffic disruption as a result of the road closure so far, a spokeswoman for the Department for Regional Development (DRD), which runs Roads Service, indicated that it had not been too severe – partly because schools are currently off.