More rain on the way as Province kisses goodbye to top temperatures

Dodging the showers at Rose Week open air concert in Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Park on Sunday afternoon
Dodging the showers at Rose Week open air concert in Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Park on Sunday afternoon

All across the UK, those who have enjoyed the recent fine weather should be prepared for unsettled conditions in the days ahead.

As Northern Ireland got to grips with much duller and cooler conditions over the weekend, last night forecasters said much of the UK will experience bouts of heavy rain, showers and sunshine in the coming days, while the longer outlook for the summer holidays is unclear.

Yesterday saw parts of Northern Ireland being lashed by heavy rain.

It was a far cry from last week, when, on Tuesday, Northern Ireland had basked in temperatures up to 26.1C – something which reached 27.2C the next day.

This was then topped again on Thursday when thermometers hit 27.6C, before the heat reached its zenith on Friday – as a number of spots recorded a reading of 27.7C .

However, George Goodfellow of private forecasting agency MeteoGroup said that there is slim chance of seeing a return to such glorious form for some time, and that the days ahead are likely to be “typical summer weather” for Britain.

In rough terms, he said today is likely to see sunny spells along with a chance of showers, and tomorrow may be a little cooler with outbreaks of rain, but then clearing during the afternoon to reveal some sunshine.

Wednesday, he said, is looking showery, with sunny spells poking through too, with Thursday looking much the same.

In short, it could be next week by the time the conditions pick up significantly.

Meanwhile the Met Office is issuing a yellow weather warning for the south-east of England today, with heavy rain expected from 1am to 7pm.

Forecaster Helen Waite said “thunder and intense downpours” were likely while the maximum temperature would be around 24C.

The north of England is likely to be drier with sunny spells, but the conditions will then swap around tomorrow, with the south enjoying the better weather.

Unsettled conditions are likely to envelop most of the country by the end of the week and continue until the weekend.

Ms Waite said: “It’s not going to be as hot as it has been. There’s a chance there will be a build-up of high pressure which will lead to unsettled conditions but there are no strong signals beyond that.”

July has been hot and humid, with a heatwave hitting much of the country in recent days.

On Friday sudden storms hit the great summer holiday getaway with lightning strikes leading to rail passengers encountering delays and cancellations on busy commuter routes.