MP in call for end 
to ‘divisive’ naming

Gregory Campbell
Gregory Campbell

There has been a call for a new supercouncil in the north-west of the Province not to choose a divisive new name for itself.

East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell said that the creation of the new merged authority, which takes in the Strabane and Derry City Council areas, provides an opportunity to undo “30 years of community division” caused by a previous naming decision.

All the new supercouncils, which fully take up their powers next year, can choose their own titles, and Mr Campbell said a consultant had just been appointed to look at the north-west’s own moniker.

The DUP MP said in a statement: “In 1984 the then Londonderry Council decided by a sectarian vote to dispense with the name Londonderry and demand that the Direct Rule Minister at the time instate a ‘Derry City Council’ name.

“We still live today with the legacy of that extremely divisive move,” adding that “all sides now have an opportunity to prove that we have moved beyond that time and decision”.