Newtownabbey: Strong unionist area hits the voting booths on polling day

Voters flocked to The Church of the Good Shepherd in Newtownabbey yesterday to make their mark, past the ranks of (entirely unionist) candidates atop its front steps.

The polling station is located in the loyalist neighbourhood of Monkstown, and there was not a single nationalist on the ballot for that District Electoral Area.

Frazer O'Brien.

Frazer O'Brien.

By about noon, some of the helpers at the church hall said roughly 400 out of an estimated catchment area of 4,500 had been through the doors since 7am, with the main rush expected after 5pm.

Frazer O’Brien, 69, a volunteer at the church, said: “Monkstown people will vote. You know, women chained themselves to railings for the vote. Men went to war. If you don’t vote, it is wasted.”