NI Executive in historic Enniskillen meeting


The first formal meeting of the Northern Ireland Executive to be held outside Stormont will take place in Enniskillen on Thursday morning.

A meeting between the First Minister and deputy First Minister and representatives of the local council has also been scheduled.

A further Executive meeting is expected to take place in Londonderry in the coming weeks.

First Minister Arlene Foster said the new initiative “provides ministers with the opportunity to visit and learn about areas relating to their Department when they are in the area.”

Mrs Foster said: “The Northern Ireland Executive belongs to everyone because the decisions made around the table are as real for the people of Brookeborough or Enniskillen as they are for the people of Belfast.”

Deputy First Minister, Martin McGuinness said: “As political leaders, we are sometimes accused of working in the Stormont bubble but this is an opportunity to bring the work of the Executive out to those people who elect us.”