Nothing fair about welfare reforms

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I WOULD like to respond to the letter on the topic of the Welfare Reform Bill by the Conservative Party’s Stephen McIlwrath (March 2). In his letter Mr McIlwrath boldly claims that the purpose of the Conservative’s Welfare Reform Bill is not to cut spending but to get people back into work.

While Mr McIlwrath’s view is at odds with his own party’s website which clearly states that welfare reform is key to dealing with, in their words, a ‘decade of debt’, it does reveal what most people have known all along: the real reason for Tory cuts is ideological rather than based on sound economics.

At 64 per cent of GDP, the UK’s Government debt is not high by historical standards and compares favourably to a debt of 250 per cent at the end of the Second World War when the government established the NHS.


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