Banbridge: Vet amazed as cat survives days in barbed-wire trap

Sox the cat is on the road to recovery
Sox the cat is on the road to recovery

A vet has expressed his amazement after a pet cat survived being trapped for days in a barbed-wire snare.

The black-and-white feline, named Sox, disappeared from its Banbridge home on July 1, and owner Tanya Heslip feared the worst.

Later, while she and her family were on holiday in Portugal, they got a call to say the cat had turned up – but all was not well.

The cat had been found in the snare by Garnet McConnell about 100 yards from the Heslip home.

Mr McConnell and a neighbour used bolt cutters to free the animal, who was taken to see a vet.

The vet Stephen Wilson said: “This is the first time I have seen a cat caught in a snare like this in this area.

“The snare had caught around the cat’s abdomen and as he tried to get free, he twisted the barbed wire round and round.

“Judging by the state he was in, I would say he had been trapped for about four or five days. It took me and hour and a half to free him from the 18 strands of barbed wire that had wrapped around him.

“He is a remarkable cat and it is amazing that he survived. He is very resilient.”

Ms Heslip said: “The wound is really bad. It has been horrendous. It is going to take months and months of treatment to get him better. We were told that a dog had got trapped in a similar snare a few years ago.”

She added that she is concerned that it could easily have been a child that got trapped in the snare and is trying to find out who has been setting the traps.

She said: “My concern is that children play in those fields and a child could easily have got his leg caught.”

Her husband had been to see the spot where the snare had been laid, and Ms Heslip described it as being in the Rathview/Pinley/Harberton area.

She said it was “easily accessible for anyone, so a child could have been seriously injured”.

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