Oor Ain Bards

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WALCUM oul freens, this week A wus up tha toon whun A rin intae twa oul cretters wha admitted tae readin ma bletherins ivery week. Weel “lawny kitty,” A thocht “A hae follaers an no yin bit twa o’ thum.”

Kenny Rodgers maun haed it richt whun hae said, ‘”thurs sim yin fer ivery yin.”

Ay, A dae ma best tae entertain ye’s ivery week, whyles lukkin bak an whyles lukkin forward. Bit tha mere A’m jist an oul bletherer that haes nae pretensions haes oanythin else, thur’s yin thing A dae lik tae dae ivery noo an again. An that’s tae point folk tae thon wha ir gifted scrivers o’ tha hamely tongue; poets, writers an historians hoo hae an eloquent command o’ tha language. Folk that use oor ain leid tae it’s fu advantage. That ken hoo tae wurk it’s humour, it’s tone, it’s instinctive affinity wi rural life.


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