Starvin Coul

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THA ither week whut wi yin thing an anither A wus kept fae ma denner langer than Am fand o.

Noo afur A gan oany further let me mak it clear that denner’s whut ye hae aroon twalve o’clock an no whut sim folk noo caa tha feed set in front o’ thum yin oor twa ‘oors afur the’ shud be in thur bed. Bye wye o’ an edyecation let me inform ye that thon nicht time feed is supper an whun ye sit doon tae ate at five oor sax yer at yer tay. Oany road A wus late tae ma denner. An lik moanys a yin A wus gien aff, no that oanyin wus listenin. Noo tha guid buk sez, ‘The laborer’s appetite works for him; his hunger drives him on.’ Hooaniver oan this occasion ma belly refused tae heed scripture whuch led me tae gan oan aboot bein, ‘starvin’ wi hung’er.’ A’d nae sooner said it thon A’d mine o’ a correspondence that A received yin time fae tha weel kenned Ulster-Scots writer, Philip Robinson, oan tha subject o’ hung’er. Ye see, in tha course o’ hokin thru oul buks A haed cum acroass a sayin that wae dinnae hae at hame, ‘Stravin’ wi tha coul.’ Whuch it turns oot is a Co. Antrim / Co. Londonderry expression fer foundert. Phillip sent me tha follain passage aboot tha time he brocht a freen tae haes nighbors hoose, who lik masel haed niver heard o’ this oul sayin.

“Starvin coul” - oh aye, A heerd it aa tha time whan A wus a wean.

A mine yin day A brocht a schuil-freen intae a nighbors hoose whan the’ wur makkin denner. ‘C’mon in oot o the rain’ sez she, ‘sit doon at the fire, A’m sure yis’r starvin’.

‘Well,’ said my freen lukkin intae tha pot o prittas on tha range, ‘Only if ye have enough to go round’.

She lukked at us as if we were frae anither planet!

Tae nixt time lang may yer lum reek an yer spicket dribble. If’n ye hae oany oul sayins aboot ocht ava that yed lik tae share wi me. Ad bae mere thon happy if yed send thum tae