Walcum oul feens

WALCUM oul freens.

Fer it’s walcum ye ir. A hope yer aa weel. Ay, anither week haes cum an gan syne ma last oul bletherins. A trust ye ir aa weel rested. An wye wud ye no be, fer sure ye aa haed an extra ‘oors rest tha ither week.

Ay, wae aa ken tae sping ferward an faa bak. Bit thon wusnae aye tha case, fer daylicht savin’ haes ainly bin gan ninetie odd year. Tha idea o’ simmer time oor daylicht savin’ time wus first pit aboot in 1787 in a wee article scrieved bye Benjamn Franklin. Bit it wusnae til 1916 that tha British government pass’t tha Simmer Time Act tae gie es mere licht in tha simmer evenin’s an wunter mornin’s. Mere folk thon no thocht it wus a guid idea an sae it haes bin wi es, mere oor less, iver syne.

Bit whut aboot aa thon cretters that dinnae ken it wus sic’ a guid idea, Ay, an thur ir plenty o thum. Tha fermers fer yin hae lang bin apposed tae daylicht savin’. Fer sum raisin tha coos jist cannae bae taught tae lee oan fer an anither ‘oor at tha een o’ October. It wud seem aa tha ferm animals insist oan keppin’ tae ‘God’s time’ insteed o’ tha wag oan tha waa.

Ay fer ivery cretter wha sees sense in movin ‘oors o daylicht aroon. Thurs yin hoo kens wye we shud lee thum alane. William Shakespeare, wrote, In King Henry VI, Part 1, “Defer no time, delays have dangerous ends.” An maebae he haed a point after aa oor boadies ir built tae cope wi twa minutes less daylicht ivery day efter July twunty first. Sae whun tha clocks ir pit bak it’s no sae mich, ‘tha nichts ir fair drawin in’ es tha nichts hae jist pull’t up got oot an hit ye a clash roon tha jaa. A say wae shud aa dae lik tha twa oul brithers wha leeved up tha loanin fae ma grandfaither. Git up wi tha sin an gan tae bed whun it gits derk.

Tae nixt time lang may yer lum reek an yer spicket dribble. Fer mere oul bletherins ye can gan tae www.lowcountrylad.blogspot.com