Will a man rob God?

The thought is preposterous. Yet more and more, men and women, boys and girls of this generation are attempting the greatest thefts possible. They are attempting to steal from the Almighty. The Holy Scriptures indict, 'Ye are cursed with a curse', Malachi 3:9.

The crusade to secularise this generation is in full escalation. Very few governments hold to the sanctity of life and the purity of obeying the Ten Commandments.

They have said goodbye to purity and have turned to the putrid.

Our own government at Westminster is no exception. Its legislation is consisted of many laws which are studied lawlessness, murder, and the grossest of iniquity.

The attempt that is to be made in Parliament this autumn to force, against the wishes of the majority of Northern Ireland people, the murder of unborn babies is a demonstration of that.

Direct Rule has in other fields been tested and found wanting.

The state in which Northern Ireland was being forced into by the departments of its government is now being exposed. Westminster refuses to acknowledge responsibility and seeks to pass it off as the failure of the Stormont administration. This exercise of Whitehall is an attempt to a Pilate-like washing of the hands, not forgetting to wipe them carefully with a clean towel.

We all know with sorrow that all is not right as far as the condition of our motor vehicles are concerned. The MOT system of testing the roadworthiness of older vehicles is a most important exercise in keeping death-trap vehicles off our roads.

There is a crisis in this area at the moment. Under Direct Rule this crisis was allowed to develop to an unacceptable dimension. An increase in the workforce was an urgent imperative. There was a move to recruit, but inside a two-year period only 40 employees were hired.

Alas, because of employment requirements these 40 accepted recruits have been prevented from commencing work.

Instead of an honest confession of the need and the delay in taking on new workers by the Direct Rule operation, there was no acknowledgement or a crisis attitude adopted, with the result that the situation went from bad to worse.

Now the bubble has burst and there is pressure requiring vehicle owners to attend these centres on Sundays. In other words, because six days were not engaged to the fullest, Sunday must become a full working day.

This goes against God's law. It ought to be remembered that God's Fourth commandment has two obligations – one, the duty to keep sacred the Lord's Day, 'Remember the Sabbath Day (The Lord's Day in the New Testament) to keep it holy,' and two, the duty of work on the other six days, 'Six days shalt thou labour and do all thy work'.

It is because the Department failed in its duty in not using the six days to do all the work, that we are in the present crisis.

The true remedy is not to breach God's law on Sunday but an effort to maintain the law of God on the other six days.

I have spoken to Sammy Wilson, the Minister concerned who has assured me that he has instructed the Department to deal with the emergency without reverting to Sunday employment.

If this cannot be attained, he has made clear that any Sunday opening would only be temporary, and used as a last resort. During such a time no worker or member of the public will be forced to be engaged on Sunday.

Immediately the crisis is over, any Sunday employment which may have had to be undertaken will be closed.

The six working days must be used to the fullest and the seventh day not tampered with. The fact is that the proposal to steal time which is not ours and which brings upon us the consequences of its thievery. In fact it must be 'hands on' in the six days and 'hands off' on the seventh day.

Keeping the Lord's Day and working on the other six is not only the best way and God knows what is best for His creatures, but it is the most healthy way.

There is health advantage in keeping the Lord's Day.

A lesson from history

I was interested in the following House of Commons report from earlier times:

'SABBATH, Advantage of the'. An association of twenty physicians voted, yea unanimously on the question: 'Is the position taken by Dr Farre, in his testimony before the Committee of the British House of Commons, in your view, correct?' – that men who labour six days in a week will be more healthy and live longer, other things being equal, than those who labour seven; and that they will do more work, and do it in a better manner'.

I did, in a previous column, draw attention to the fact that both Orange Institutions stated the case for Sabbath Observance.

I was also happy to see the defence of the same from the pen of my long-time colleague and friend, Alderman James McClure, the president of my own party.