Orange chief hails Republic parade


The Grand Master of the Independent Orange Order has hailed the reception his organisation received while parading in the Republic of Ireland at the weekend.

Alan McLean said it was “a delight” to celebrate the 110th anniversary of the formation of the institution with a parade and devotional service at the Battle of the Boyne site on Saturday.

“It was even more delightful not to have to fill in an 11/1 form and be subjected to the meddling interference of a Parades Commission. Rather we were able to organise the parade in conjunction with the police and the authorities at the Boyne Centre in a way that ensured that their concerns were met and our parade passed off without any incident.”

Placing on record his appreciation to everyone who ensured that the day was one that would be long remembered in the history of the Independent Orange institution, Mr McLean added: “It was an example of how it should be when it comes to parades.

“There was respect on both sides without the need for a Parades Commission, protestors or provocation. It is time that nationalists in Northern Ireland took a leaf out of the book of their neighbours in the Republic and displayed the same attitude of respect and tolerance for the history and heritage of the Orange institution.”