Parades Commission defend their determination


In a statement the Parades Commission have called for resources and structures to be put in place “to assist local communities address the societal, historic and political issues impacting upon parading in the Crumlin Road area”.

A Parades Commission spokesperson said: “The issue of parading along the Crumlin Road has profound implications for communities coming out of conflict and requires resources and structures commensurate to the task.

“It is the Commission’s view that while there have been efforts to address these issues they have been piecemeal and under resourced.”

In the statement the Commission said it recognised that this parade “brings to the fore tensions beyond the actual procession, the arterial route that it processes and its six minute duration, but that these are outweighed by the symbolic and historic significance of this parade route at an interface area”.

They said the Commission has received evidence that fractured community relations arise from past events “on this contested stretch of the Crumlin Road and which contribute to the sensitivity of the parade route”.

“In reaching its decision, the Commission considered compliance with the July 2013 determination, the impact on community life and community relations, and the potential for public disorder,” said the statement. “The Commission determined that these potential impacts

would be disproportionate to the significance of this parade processing the entirety of its notified route.”