Pastor likens being gay to devil worship

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A Pastor has been criticised for likening gay marriage to devil worshipping.

Pastor Mark Bradfield of Bethel Baptist Church was speaking after a vote at Westminster in favour of legalising gay marriage.

After reading a passage of the Bible on BBC’s Nolan radio show, Pastor Mark said: “God doesn’t hate homosexuals, he loves sinners and hates the sin. Whether you’re a homosexual, thief, murderer, liar, devil worshipper, God loves you. “

When questioned as to whether he equated being homosexual to worshipping the devil he said yes.

“I believe what God says and yes, sinners are in need of Jesus Christ as their saviour. Yes I believe the Bible and God says we’re all sinners.”

Pastor Mark said he believes homosexuality is wrong and accused gay people of hating God.

“Having spoken to a number of homosexual activists why is it that these souls that hate God so much that they’re willing to disobey his commandments, why do they want to get married in church? Why do they want to follow one of God’s commandments? The Bible says we’re all sinners, we’re either sinners that are saved through the faith of Jesus Christ or we’re sinners who are not.

“Studies prove homosexual marriages just don’t work. Studies have shown that fidelity of homosexual partners is just not great. Most of the homosexual marriages that were “succeeding” had room for the partners to haver other partners inside of the marriage. You’re talking about 1.5 or 2 per cent of the population.

“This is one of the things that boggles my mind - that there is so much fuss over the desires or the wants of 1.5 or 2 per cent of the population.

“It’s not just as simple and straight as two people loving each other. There’s so much info out there that proves homosexual relationships are wrong.”