Petrol bomb attack threaten's baby's life

A young father this morning claimed that his two-week old baby could have been killed during a petrol bomb attack on his home in north Belfast.

At least two houses in Twaddell Avenue near the Ardoyne interface were targeted at about 11pm last night by hooded men.

The man, who asked not to be identified, said he was sitting with his 18-day-old baby on his lap when his house came under seige from petrol bombers.

Describing what happened he said he saw a flash at his side window, looked up and heard a bang.

He said he saw some flames then grabbed his child and ran upstairs.

If the petrol bomb had come through the window, the man believed his child would have been "burnt to death."

He said his partner had been traumatised by the attack and was still in shock.

He added that it was the second attack on his rented house in three weeks and his family were now planning to leave the area because they were so concerned about their safety.

This morning local priest Father Aidan Troy condemned the attack.

As did DUP assembly member Nelson McCausland.

Mr McCausland said:"I had hoped that such sectarian attacks were a thing of the past but the events of the past few weeks show that this is not the case."

Police said this morning that they were called to the area last night just after 11pm and remained there until peace had been restored.

A spokeswoman said there were no reports of any injuries, and there were no arrests.