‘Faceless fascists’ post bullet to Patsy McGlone MLA

Patsy McGlone
Patsy McGlone

A bullet has been posted to Mid Ulster MLA Patsy McGlone.

It is the latest death threat to a politician since protests began over the decision to limit the flying of the Union Flag at Belfast City Hall.

Mr McGlone said an envelope containing a 9mm bullet and sympathy card, containing his name and picture, was intercepted at a Royal Mail sorting office.

East Belfast MLA Naomi Long, Justice Minister David Ford and their Alliance colleague Councillor Geraldine Mulvenna all received bullets in the post last month.

Sinn Fein’s Gerry Kelly and Alex Maskey were also sent letters containing bullets.

Mr McGlone called those who sent him a bullet “faceless fascists”.

He said: “This is obviously not something that is a pleasant experience, for me or my family, however, those who sent it will not put me off doing my job – that is representing the people of Mid Ulster.

“I would like to pay tribute to the staff at the Post Office and the PSNI for their professionalism and vigilance in dealing with this matter. I will leave this in the hands of the CID.

“I’m acutely aware that a number of other elected representatives -from my own party and others- have had similar threats and attacks on their homes and properties. They have come through this and I will come through this stronger. Democracy will come through this stronger.

“Whoever is responsible for this attack and others are faceless fascists. There is no other way to describe them.

“They are not going to detract us as democratic nationalists to represent our constituents and contribute to the betterment of society.”