In Pictures: Who’s who in the Unionist Forum?

The Unionist Forum met for the first time on Thursday at Stormont to discuss discontent in the community over various issues.

Protests have been held for the past six weeks since the decision to limit the flying of the Union Flag at Belfast City Hall.

Some of those protests have turned into riots with many police officers injured and a number of arrests made since early December.

Those attending the meeting included:

DUP - Peter Robinson, Nigel Dodds, Arlene Foster, Sammy Wilson

UUP - Mike Nesbitt, Danny Kennedy, Tom Elliott, Sandra Overend

TUV - two party officers

Orange Order - Rev Mervyn Gibson and Drew Nelson

PUP - Dr John Kyle and Winston Irvine

UKIP - David McNarry and Henry Reilly

Independent unionist David McClarty plus researcher

Representing loyalists in east Belfast - Jim Wilson

UPRG - Jackie McDonald and Jimmy Birch