Jamie Bryson insists break from politics is temporary

Jamie Bryson
Jamie Bryson

Jamie Bryson has insisted his break from politics is only temporary, quipping “I haven’t gone away you know”.

The 24 year-old, who was chair of the People’s Forum and rose to prominence as the flag protests grew around Christmas 2012, informed his Twitter followers on Tuesday that he was to step back from politics for now.

The Donaghadee loyalist tweeted: “I have decided to step back from politics for the foreseeable future for personal reasons. All election money will go to charity.”

Until a few weeks ago Mr Bryson had planned to run as a candidate in the European elections, but he then admitted that he had struggled to raise money for the £5,000 deposit to stand. An online appeal brought in just £165.

After ending that campaign, he announced that he would stand as a council candidate in North Down.

Yesterday he qualified his tweet about standing down with a statement of commitment against “what is happening in Ulster”.

He said: “Rest assured my mind has not changed about what is happening in Ulster nor has my commitment to resisting it. Ecclesiastes 3:1!”

On Wednesday he added: “Some seem to have written my obituary. I am only stepping back for a while. I haven’t gone away you know!”