Fly the flag all year round, urges Allister

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editorial image

JIM Allister has called for the Union Flag to fly all year at Stormont in line with policy in Great Britain.

The TUV leader pointed out that the Union Flag is flown through the year at the House of Commons; that the Welsh Assembly sports the Union Flag, as well as the Welsh emblem and the EU colours daily; while the Scottish Assembly flies the Union Flag on designated days, “and interestingly the Saltire on a daily basis”.

Mr Allister, right, responded to the Assembly Commission’s request for views on the issue. He said: “The current regulations adopted by the commission – not because of any obligation upon them to do so – as set out by the Flags Regulations (NI) 2000 are manifestly inadequate. They allow for the Union Flag to be flown for a mere 15 days a year.”

He said that “even under Nationalist control” in Scotland the Union Flag flies on dates “omitted from [the commission’s] Designated Days”.

He said that flying the flag all year would be in line with practice at the Welsh Assembly, Westminster and also “Scotland because the only national flag recognised for Northern Ireland is the Union Flag”. Mr Allister said 365 days would be in line with advice following the a 2007 green paper encouraging government departments to fly the flag all year “and not just on designated days”.




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