Video: First councillor elected to Mid and East Antrim DEA, Maureen Morrow UUP, tells of delight

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The first councillor elected in the Coast Road DEA in Mid and East Antrim, current UUP mayor of Larne Maureen Morrow, could not hide her excitement at “making history”.

The 51-year-old grandmother was first elected into Larne council in May 2011.

But immediately after her success was revealed she told the News Letter: “I just found out that I am the first person elected into the new super-council and I am delighted.

“It is marvellous and I never really expected it.

“I walked quite a number of streets in Larne and it is not the easiest to walk so I have been up hill and down dale.

“Five Councillors will be elected in the Coast area [of Larne] I stand in. I got 936 votes.”

Mrs Morrow said she wanted “to say thank you to everyone who has assisted me and supported me in the past few months and to everyone who voted for ne, thank you so much.”

The total turnout for Mid and East Antrim DEA was 47.9% for the local council election and 47.% for European election.




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