Pro Union poll will lift spirits - Cameron

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The Prime Minister said the recent survey of opinion on a border poll in Northern Ireland will please MPs who want to maintain the Union.

When questioned on whether he had seen the results of the recent BBC poll which showed most people here are in favour of remaining part of the United Kingdom Mr Cameron said it would life the spirits of pro-Union MPs.

Mr Cameron, who was responding to a question in Parliament from DUP MP Jeffrey Donaldson, noted that he does not always like looking at opinion polls.

When asked for a BBC Spotlight programme how they would vote if there was a border poll tomorrow, 65 per cent of people said they would vote for Northern Ireland to remain within the UK, 17 per cent said they would vote for Northern Ireland to join the Republic outside the UK, 12 percent said that they would not vote and just five per cent said that they did not know how they would vote.